25777380_mlThe Conscious Empowerment Consultation is a gentle discovery process that helps balance the mind, spirit, soul and emotions. Humans, unlike cats, dogs, spiders and snakes, are constantly making personal choices outside the “survival” mode.

However, we feeling-based humans tend to avoid caring for the emotional, soul, and spirit parts of self, partially due to them being a bit too scary to venture into. This leads to painful, long-term unhappiness and depression with a strong need to hide from the world.

Using simple yet comprehensive conscious empowerment techniques, you’ll begin a “personal conversation with yourself” that is gentle, inquisitive and full of self-discovery. This technique opens a collaborative conversation with those “scary” parts of your mental, spiritual, and soul imbalances. With time, practice and patience, you will begin to experience more excitement, love, calmness, compassion and peace within “yourself”.

Consultation Available In-Person, Skype, or Zoom

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