Healing A Wounded Soul Program

Each of us are living miracles as our human form moves between hundreds of multi-dimensional processes to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into balance while continuously maintaining a collaborative relationship between the body and the universe that surrounds it. No easy task to say the least. “Stepping Into Self” is a redesigned healing program… Read More

“Time to Rise” Book Debut!

Each and every chapter in this book is a delicious must-read experience that helps not only fill the heart, but heal the soul as well. Read More

Thanksgiving Wisdom

As Thanksgiving Day rolls around, It brings up some facts, quite profound. We may think that we’re poor, Feel like bums, insecure, But in truth, our riches astound. We have friends and family we love; We have guidance from heaven above. We have so much more Than they sell in a store, We’re wealthy, when… Read More

Holiday Self-Preparation

As we prepare for the last three major holidays of 2017, for the health and happiness of you, your guests and family members, begin practicing this critical stress-buster exercise as often as possible.


Frequent deep breaths allow oxygen
to get to your brain and body tissues. Read More

Illusional Strangleholds

Stranglehold 1:
Living life by responding to everything on auto-pilot rather than from the heart.

Stranglehold 2:
Making rushed assumptions based on damage caused by unreleased emotional life stories.

Outcome of 1 & 2: 
Asphyxiation of mind, body & soul. Read More

What is the Quality of Your Life?

Originally posted on MakeItUltra™:
By Eric Perry, PhD-c It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. ~Marcus Aurelius I am at a place in my life where I am able to slow down and momentarily pause. After a year and a half, I have completed my…

Ramping-up for Challenging Changes

You may notice “personal life changes” have been occurring faster than they can be processed and impossible to predict. One change stacks on top of another to the point where the whole “world” is beginning to look foreign. José Stevens of “The Power Path”, shared this in something he recently wrote: “If you are resistant… Read More

Birthing A Magical Idea

Each of us has “ah ha” magical ideas pop into our mind. Simultaneous with the thought, an incubation period begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about the new idea. The magical idea birthing process, as exhilarating as it feels at the beginning, isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. Read More