Conscious healing retreats?   Why?

In today’s world, it is common to feel we are continually in some type of crisis or at a critical turning point as an individual, a community, a society and more importantly, as a global culture.  To live and exist in harmony, we must simultaneously balance the physical, social and spiritual realms of our daily life.  Our inner and outer worlds will always reflect each other and when our mind becomes dominated by fear, anxiety, and ourselves, we begin to suffer. When our minds are at peace, people are a source of wonder and delight.

Retreats are an excellent way to focus on bringing relaxation into the present moment. When done with conscious intention, individuals are able to dive deeper than simple relaxation and begin to communicate with the authentic “self”. Authentically focusing on what the self needs to expand allows an amazing shift to occur – life begins to flow within the self with its own natural ease.  A deeper sense of balance starts to spread through your mind, body, spirit and soul  –  it becomes a peaceful calm. Fire-fueled emotions of self-hate and feelings of being victimized begin to dim. We feel we can trust our world again and reconnect to life. Conscious healing retreats offer a safe, non-judgemental environment of natural healing for all the overwhelmed warriors of life.

43870987_sThe definition of “retreat” has been defined as: offering rest and relaxation, being a place of refuge, seclusion, privacy, an asylum – as for the insane, a retirement or a period of retirement for religious exercises and meditation, or the recession of a surface, as a wall or panel, from another surface beside it.

Each definition can be applied to all conscious empowerment retreats offered at “A Well Tuned Soul”.  Yes, even the one about the asylum, as for the insane.  We have all experienced those moments in time when we feel we have totally lost it, there is no hope, no one hears us and we are so overwhelmed with negative feelings we fall into dread, massive self-deprecation and self-torture.

The definition of retreats designed by A Well-Tune Soul are:  a conscious healing experience, a foundation of compassionate support and education, an opportunity to experiment with natural healing techniques and tools, restorative environments to heal in, and best of all – the opportunity to become you.  

Browse the retreat offerings and see what resonates with your needs or those of your group. Contact us with any questions you may have.  As we move toward becoming more conscious and aware, we each reflect our renewed balance toward all people – as ripples of healing throughout the entire universe.

Such a wonderful side effect of “retreats”.