At 54 years of age, I was diagnosed with stage 1a breast cancer.  After surgery  I was put on the drug anestrozol in September of 2011, a drug that is known to deplete bone density, so I was given a baseline dexa scan. Even before I started taking the drug, I was diagnosed with osteopenia.

The osteopenia then developed into osteoporosis in both hips and my spine the next year(2012). In an effort to avoid traditional medications that have so many undesirable side effects, I opted to get advice from Debbie Engelmann at Created By Nature Wellness, LLC.  She suggested some herbal remedies including Bonset and Osmunda. I have been faithfully taking these drops since winter of 2012 along with lifting weights and taking vitamin D & calcium supplements.

Each year I undergo a dexa screening and at this point (winter 2016, age 58) I have been able to reverse the osteoporosis to osteopenia.  My gynecologist is amazed with the positive bone growth without the use of traditional medication. I feel very encouraged and empowered because I am making proactive choices about my own health care.

I have great faith in Debbie and have referred my daughter to get advice about her thyroid condition. Debbie is a knowledgeable, kind, sincere, gifted healer. I am honored and grateful to be in her care.