“Blah blah blah is what I use to hear when someone talked about body and mind balance until I met Debbie Engelmann. Her infinite wisdom about how the body and mind work together has helped me expand my personal wellness so much, that I’m not even sure how I was functioning day-to-day before our first appointment.

My husband and I lost three parents in three years, and Debbie’s professional Natural Heath expertise was absolutely instrumental in keeping me grounded, focused, and sane through such an emotional whirlwind.

Overall, the best gift she has provided is getting my monthly women’s issues completely under control, especially during this challenging age, without any prescription drugs or HRT. I’m living proof that the body and mind talk to each other, and that Debbie Engelmann was the translator for them to communicate in healthy harmony.

I highly recommend Debbie on a regular basis to anyone that wants to awaken their knowledge about true health and well-being.”