I have suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life and have always dealt with my allergies in a traditional manner; allergy pills, eye drops, and nasal sprays. These things seemed to do little to improve my condition and I came to the assumption I would simply have to suffer with my seasonal allergies for the rest of my life.
I also recently discovered that I have a severe allergy to cat dander after my girlfriend and I adopted a kitten. My cat dander allergy was so severe that I could not breathe through my nose unless I used a strong nasal spray every few hours throughout the day. This also meant about six months of many sleepless nights. I became desperate for help and was willing to try anything for relief but was unwilling to return our cat to the Humane Society.

My girlfriend first introduced me to herbal drop therapy. I of course initially thought she was crazy to take herbal drops for her allergies, but this was before I discovered my severe cat dander allergy. I decided to finally try herbal drop therapy because I felt like I had no other options. Debbie tested me and started me on two herbal drops. She instructed me to take two drops of each under my tongue when I woke up and before I went to bed. After two weeks my once severe seasonal and cat dander allergies were nearly non-existent, I felt 95% better. I could now sleep again and I had much more energy throughout my day. Now nearly a year after I started with herbal drop therapy I am still enjoying an allergy free existence. I am now a strong herbal drop therapy advocate and highly recommend it to anyone suffering from the long list of health issues that it can help improve or fix, but please do not wait as long as I did!