Marian W – First Grade Teacher

At 54 years of age, I was diagnosed with stage 1a breast cancer.  After surgery  I was put on the drug anestrozol in September of 2011, a drug that is known to deplete bone density, so I was given a baseline dexa scan. Even before I started taking the drug, I was diagnosed with osteopenia.

Elliott N – Ultrasound Technician

I have suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life and have always dealt with my allergies in a traditional manner; allergy pills, eye drops, and nasal sprays. These things seemed to do little to improve my condition and I came to the assumption I would simply have to suffer with my seasonal allergies for the… Read More

Ann M – Business Specialist

Faith and Hope would keep me alive but my over-powering disbelief in the local western medicine was slowly killing me. My personal life of living with years of stress came to an ugly head after breaking a bone in my foot and  then having a major surgery  later in the summer of 2014.

Lisa W – Transitional Planner

“Blah blah blah is what I use to hear when someone talked about body and mind balance until I met Debbie Engelmann. Her infinite wisdom about how the body and mind work together has helped me expand my personal wellness so much, that I’m not even sure how I was functioning day-to-day before our first… Read More