Earth Healing & Spirituality

I am a practicing herbalist. I love plants – I feel them. I see them in dreams. Plants heal without injuring the body – short of poisonous plants of course. Herbs and clean food help the body heal naturally and without side effects. How was this all learned by the ancient ones? Why does it… Read More

“Walk With Me” Screening Minneapolis, MN

This is Your Opportunity to Help Change the World October 25th, 2017 – Minneapolis MN Walk With Me Screening Details Lagoon Cinema 1320 Lagoon Avenue, Minneapolis, MN Wed, October 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm “Walk With Me Screening” – Produced by Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation

“Walk With Me” Premier

Watch this.  Put it on your calendar.   Help heal our world. The first words of this trailer are so profound . . .  “I knew early on that finding truth is not the same as finding happiness. You aspire to see the truth, but once you have seen it, you cannot avoid its suffering.… Read More

What the Heck is Empowerment?

Conscious healing and empowerment tends to bring all aspects of the human form into balance and begin moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind and free-flowing spirit, as well as an authentic soul. Read More

Broken Lines

Many of the lines of life are actually created by broken lines – the ones drawn by an unexpected turn, or maybe when we feel we have been on a long, continuous chaotic path. Read More

Help Me Find My Way

In honor of the full moon, the lunar eclipse, the mysteries of life, all people’s, and all else that exists. Sacred libraries etched in stone, Please help me find my way; Symbols of all the Earth has known, Marks the language you display. Can I read your alphabet, And will I understand, The silent message… Read More

The Spirit of the Soul

Our core soul and spiritual self are completely inseparable from the rest of body, and within them a vibrant radiating, receptive presence exists that is completely unique to you alone – a creative and compassionate intelligence that defies all forms of description.  In the English language we refer to this as “consciousness”; in the psychological… Read More

Who Creates Healing

Last year a client asked me an important question and that answer is worthy of being re-posted in more detail. Question:  “When you made the statement yesterday about my health, as you put it, “how you normally don’t see people work on so many areas as I am.”  …. how does this happen?  The person, I… Read More