What is the Quality of Your Life? *NEW POST*

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By Eric Perry, PhD-c It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. ~Marcus Aurelius I am at a place in my life where I am able to slow down and momentarily pause. After a year and a half, I have completed my…

What the Heck is Empowerment?

Conscious healing and empowerment tends to bring all aspects of the human form into balance and begin moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind and free-flowing spirit, as well as an authentic soul. Read More

GIFEW 3.0 – The Constellation Awakens

The “Global Institute for Extraordinary Women” presents its most powerful transformative program to date. “GIFEW 3.0 – The Constellation Awakens” April 2016 – December 2016 This unique evolutionary process of powerful feminine leadership transformation is led by a team of renowned world-class transformation and leadership experts.  These forward-thinking mentors are educational guides who focus on… Read More

Manifesting Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Written By Sandra Wells, MA (The Institute for Mindful Living) Mindfulness is a way of learning to relate directly to your own experience with acceptance and an open heart. It is a way of taking charge of your life by awakening your capacity to pay attention, without judgment, moment-by-moment, to the continuous stream… Read More

Is there a Purpose to Living?

An amazing video updated by Eric Hunt sharing Alan Watts’ reflections on “The Purpose of Life” The last line is most powerful . . . “I must trust myself to a nature that doesn’t have a box”. Read More