Fearlessly Setting My Soul On Fire

Many of us have read about “epiphanies” and some may have experienced them. One major scary heart-thumping “ah ha” moment. That’s what happened with me last week – my soul message came in, gripped my heart and loudly shouted “THIS IS IT DEBBIE”. The fuzzy part of “my path” finally became clear. What my true passion is has been shown to me and I know exactly what it will look like and what has to be done to achieve it. Read More

Ghost Dream Mountain

Everyone can relate to having a dream – a really big one buried deep within their soul. In your mind, you may take it out to look at it, turn it around a bit, examine its curves and surfaces, polish up a specific design facet, brush off some dust, and then tuck it back into… Read More

Podcast: Healing Trauma Naturally

Dr. Andrea brings you an inspiring interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy, who reminds us of our divine ability to heal naturally and recover from trauma and abuse with grace. Dr. Deb’s story, Falling into the Garden of Healing, appears alongside Dr. Andrea’s story with 40+ other amazing authors in the new book “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness.” Read More

Lost Understanding

There was a time when humanity recognized itself as being part of nature and nature being part of humanity. Back then, dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and the supernatural merged and blended. For example, some cultures used images of nature to express this natural transpersonal unity between nature and man through the… Read More

Class Introduces Natural Healing to Older Adults

Upcoming class introduces “Natural Healing” concepts to “Active Older Adults” in Chaska, MN 3/15/2016   AOA Natural Healing with a Twist This class begins to answer the question, “What is Natural Healing?” Explore the healing philosophy based on the age-old principal, “the body holds within itself the power to heal-naturally.” Learn about the Big 5:… Read More

Who is Debbie Engelmann?

Debbie Engelmann is a Guide of Empowered Natural Healing, Seeker of Truth, Published Author, Owner of a Couple Doctorates and a Natural Healing Business that is morphing into a new entity entitled “A Well Tuned Soul” that is authentically aligned with her natural healing abilities.  (Click Picture for Website) Debbie’s passion is to continue to… Read More