Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

Ouch, fear, hope, gratitude. Those are the things I’m feeling right now because its time for the healer to go through her own healing process. What an amazing shift from the norm. This adventure has shown me a new perspective per sec – how to guide myself through a healing process rather than guiding others. Read More

Fighting the Past to be Present

More than likely every individual reading this post remembers a moment in time when they were close to accomplishing a goal or dream and SOMETHING happened . . . AGAIN . . . to stop their momentum. Of course the universal proverbial “oops” promise caused the stumble.  It isn’t easy to bring passion to fruition –… Read More

Kicking Ash

  It has been said that “firewood is not the fire”. Let’s think that through for a moment. Assuming this example is correct, firewood is the “fuel” to fire’s needs.  Firewood would still be firewood without the fire and remains so until fire uses it.  When fire uses the firewood to fuel itself, it morphs… Read More