25777380_mlThe Conscious Empowerment Consultation focuses on conscious reflection of each part of being human: the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions. We, unlike cats, dogs, spiders, and snakes, are able to make personal choices outside our “survival” mode, however, being emotional/feeling based humans, this overworked part of us is sadly viewed as being an insignificant area to “heal” which can lead to painful consequences.

Using some simple yet comprehensive conscious empowerment techniques, a gentle “personal conversation with “self” will begin with each of the volatile emotional sides of being human.  This inquisitive yet loving self-discovery process allows us to spend time working with each of those “indigestible” parts of life that causes physical, mental, spiritual, and soul issues. With time and practice, you will begin to authentically experience your life as the exciting, loving, fully awake individual you truly are physically and spiritually.

Consultation Available In-Person, Skype, Zoom

  • Initial Consultation Fee:  $135.00 (1.0 hours)
  • Follow-Up Appointment:  $35 per 15 minute increment
  • Senior Discount Available
    (Six month reduced rate packaged rates available upon request)

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