Lessons From the Body

Our bodies, big or little, offer many insights into both the “nature” of nature and the balance of nature. Every “body” has balance and symmetry at every turn, and yet while seldom perfect, each body is always dynamic, marvelously intricate, and mysterious at all times.

The body requires air, water, proper food, exercise, and sleep to maintain balance. Simply put, the body is a walking, talking biochemical factory. Everything you put on or in your body immediately affects your biochemical balance – the chemistry of your blood. The body is designed to maintain health, always be in movement or stillness, and is effective at cleansing itself of many elements that may cause disease. If the immunological defenses of the body are overburdened by trying to rid itself of large amounts of nasty substances, our ability to maintain health, restore vitality and ward off disease is severely compromised.

The posted articles offered under The Physical Self topic contains a multitude of natural healing educational information and healing techniques specifically for the physical body. Follow this blog or check back frequently to keep up-to-date on new articles or refresh your memory on older posts.