Yep, my websites disappeared for a few days!
No warning, just down.
My apologies!

Many of us have read about “epiphanies” and some may have experienced them. One major scary heart-thumping “ah ha” moment. That’s what happened with me last week – my soul message came in, gripped my heart and loudly shouted “THIS IS IT DEBBIE”. The fuzzy part of “my path” finally became clear. I know exactly what it will look like and what has to be done to achieve it.

Created By Nature Wellness, LLC(aka “A Well-Tuned Soul) is officially closed to enable me to fully focus on my passion of communicating through the written word – in many different formats.

At this time, there are no offerings of individual or group consultations or retreats.

Please visit Who is Debbie Engelmann to learn about the why’s.

This site’s title is now “Debbie Engelmann, Author”.  It is a merged site containing both my author website and A Well-Tuned Soul. The location is

All posts from A Well-Tuned Soul will continue to be accessible. Future posts and writings will continue to come from the many mysterious musing that roll around in my head that illuminate the strange yet naturally occurring dichotomies of life and how they apply to healing the human form.

This website will be changing a bit each and every day as I re-arrange and clean up some confusion created by the merge and the new direction this site is taking. Thanks for being patient with me! If you have ideas or comments, PLEASE SHARE BY POST!

IMPORTANT!  If you are following my site, PLEASE RE-FOLLOW.
The merging may have lost you and I don’t want to LOSE YOU!