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This is Debbie, the founder and author of this website. I’m a Doctor of Natural Health as well as a writer. “A Well-Tuned Soul” was created to help others consciously find balance between the body, mind and soul. When these aspects are consciously “tuned”, it is easier to interact with life from the heart and soul. Authentic power has its roots in the deepest core of the soul. It cannot be purchased or hoarded.

Here you’ll find informative mind-stretching articles about natural healing to help you learn a bit about holistically healing the mind, body and soul. Conscious empowerment allows us to become unfettered by the past and all the emotional and physical garbage we collect along the way.  It’s time for you to begin writing your own personal story.

New In-Person & Virtual Conscious Healing Programs Debuting January 2018.

My life’s passion is to help guide and advocate for the lost, damaged, forgotten and ignored people – to help them find safety, health, wholeness and their soul. By living my passion, an amazing quintessence of universal balance brings light into the darkness of our times – in you, me, and others. When this happens, we each become “soul food” for each other.

So relax and settle in with some tea while you read a few posts about natural healing and the journey of enlightened self-healing. The past only haunts those who cling to it – time to set it free.

Dr. Debbie

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