Who am I?  What am I made of?

Wow, that certainly gets my mind whirling at high-speed as I search my “soul self” on how to accurately answer that. At my core, I am a child of universe – a product of the natural world and all contained within it. A gentle guide of conscious natural healing, a serious seeker of truth, published author, a writer in the midst of two books and someone who lives each day from her heart and soul. I’m filled with limitless compassion. I create images with words – always have since my first conscious thoughts.

My writing shares stories of hope and healing. “How to’s”, “why for’s” and things about the pitfalls that happen in life along the way. Humanity is a living personal memorial for each of us. There are limitless stories of hate, love, failures and victories, and examples of incredible courage.

My passion is to use blogging, writing, education and volunteerism to reach out and help those who suffer with feeling lost, alone, forgotten and invisible to finally feel safe, loved, and seen. That is my mission in life.

My background has various educational aspects to it. I hold a Doctoral Degree in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), a Bachelor’s of Science in business with a minor in psychology, and am a herbalist, educator, speaker, and student of life. I recently closed my consulting business Created By Nature Wellness, LLC (aka “A Well-Tuned Soul) to be able to fully focus on my passion of communicating through the written word. All my education was what the stuffing is to a Thanksgiving turkey – the yummy part that made everything else taste wonderful. The tasty stuff tucked way inside.

The following is a bit about my “visible accomplishments”.

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Debbie publishes natural health articles and is a contributing author in the best-selling book, “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, alongside Bob Doyle, Dr. John Demartini, and Dr. Andrea Pennington.

Debbie’s new book (title still being birthed), will be coming out the end of 2017.  The book is being illustrated by artist Patricia Schwartz, founder of the Brushworks School of Art in Burnsville, Minnesota

Patricia Schwartz an award-winning, classically trained artist

In Debbie’s Own Words:

“I am very connected to earth and am happiest when in nature. As I walk this earth, I feel its pulse and hear the whispers of secret healing things that grow upon and within it. My contribution to this world is that my passion and healing messages can empower others to discover the amazing power contained within themselves and each of natural healing gifts Mother Nature has given us on this planet since the beginning of time.  What is on this earth becomes us – it is us

My simplest passion and truth is we are all equal and judgement kills compassion. My life’s purpose is to reach out as far as possible to empower the masses with the ability to be fully present in this world one moment at a time – one person at a time if necessary.”

3 thoughts on “Who is Debbie Engelmann?

  1. Hello kindred spirit, I am in the beginnings of my Healing Through Writing process. Both personally and as a psychotherapist exploring writing as therapy. I am manifesting “visible accomplishments” in the form of a few fictional stories… I came upon the link to your blog in a comment on a MakeItUltra article about narcissism. So nice to “meet” you and looking forward to spending more time here on your blog! I’d like to link an article of yours back to my blog but still learning how that all works. Until next time…


    1. Happy Saturday Bonnie! Very nice of you to connect – kindred spirits NEED each other. Okay, well, we ALL need each other.

      To me, writing is a major therapy tool. I work with victim/survivors and have found they generally find it very helpful to write, not only speak, their “healing” thoughts or even their “horror” thoughts.

      Enjoy this powerful month of manifestation and re-setting the old to let the new come in. Bonnie, thanks again for reaching out! Feel free to email me if you’d like!


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