Podcast: Healing Trauma Naturally

Dr. Andrea brings you an inspiring interview with Dr. Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy, who reminds us of our divine ability to heal naturally and recover from trauma and abuse with grace. Dr. Deb’s story, Falling into the Garden of Healing, appears alongside Dr. Andrea’s story with 40+ other amazing authors in the new book “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness.” Read More

The Addition of Addiction

The attached video is brilliant. It is a concise, simple, wordless presentation showing how slowly addictions develop and the devastation they eventually cause. Read More

Perfection Exists in Transformative Typos

It is important to maneuver through life with a playful sense of humor and lightness in your heart. While this ideal may seem simplistic, it is an extremely important practice to attempt to master. During one of my morning meditations, an intriguing rhyme began weaving and wrapping itself around in my mindless mindfulness. I feel it… Read More

Hear Me – See Me

Pretty much everyone we walk by on the street or casually speak with at a coffee shop has a story that could rock our world one way or another.  That story could be uplifting or totally wrench our heart into a fist full of nails from the sadness and pain. We have a 50/50 chance… Read More

Help for the Shamed and Judged

The Power of Vulnerability – From Shame to Empowerment Attached is Brene Brown’s powerful video that pauses mankind for a moment to show them how to be a bit more gentle with themselves.  It is a powerful educational introduction about the extreme damage “shame” does to each of us.  Brene presents this topic with a… Read More

Is there a Purpose to Living?

An amazing video updated by Eric Hunt sharing Alan Watts’ reflections on “The Purpose of Life” The last line is most powerful . . . “I must trust myself to a nature that doesn’t have a box”. Read More