Create Your Personal Healing

YOU are invited to create your personal natural healing program that allows you to let go of the fear, chaos, and drama of everyday life. YOU are invited to experience how it feels to be authentically balanced on a physical, spiritual, mental, soul and emotional level. Gently learn how to lovingly embrace your “total-self” with all its past, present,… Read More

Merging Into Balance

The natural healing process is a beautiful dance of multi-dimensional processes designed to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into harmonious balance. In the healing process, no one part is less or more important than another.  That being said, you cannot pick just one or two parts of “self” to work on –… Read More

Who Creates Healing

Last year a client asked me an important question and that answer is worthy of being re-posted in more detail. Question:  “When you made the statement yesterday about my health, as you put it, “how you normally don’t see people work on so many areas as I am.”  …. how does this happen?  The person, I… Read More