Preface “Sneak Peek”

  A taste of my new book.  I welcome all comments. Debbie “The above story is a preamble to the words contained within the chapters that follow.  A storytelling of sorts, that shows that even a helpless nine-month old child has intense feelings and memories of things adults assume they could never remember. Some memories… Read More

Excerpt . . .New Book In Process

“It hadn’t been safe to be authentic, to express thoughts and feelings openly. In a violent, alcoholic home, is wasn’t even safe for the adults to do so. You learn to blend in, to accommodate, to be vigilant for cues of anger that often led to violence.  You hide so well you can’t even find… Read More

Hearing Echoes

While working on my book upcoming book, am noticing I sometimes get emotionally pulled down by some of my echoes.  That crazy human tendency we have to continually attach to a memory. And rework the memory. Multiple times. However, in my opinion, staying authentic to an echo is crucial to presenting an authentic story so… Read More

Book In Process

  This book is definitely shape-shifting frequently as I sort through the intricate patterns and places I’m being taken.  Its evolution comes from deep within me and it can be a bit delicate to walk on some of the fragile surfaces I’m trending on.  Don’t give up – come back often for more detail.