Holiday Self-Preparation

As we prepare for the last three major holidays of 2017, for the health and happiness of you, your guests and family members, begin practicing this critical stress-buster exercise as often as possible.


Frequent deep breaths allow oxygen
to get to your brain and body tissues. Read More

SOHS = Stressed Out Holiday Season

The most important planning that needs to be done this time of year is YOUR OWN SELF-CARE.  As folks prepare for the first of two major holidays, for your happiness as well as your guests and family members, take frequent deep breaths to get enough oxygen to your brain and body tissues.  When stressed we… Read More

Literally Dying of Thirst

Hydration is a monumentally hot topic. Generally speaking, humankind is slowly committing suicide by not understanding how important water is to every single function of our human existence. And it begins with one simple belief that is programmed deep within our brain neural pathways that is totally wrong and we need to re-wire our brain… Read More