Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes That Are Great for Lunch

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We have all been in this boat before; the day before work or school, ready to go to bed but needing to pack lunch for tomorrow. Usually we pack the same thing over and over again but we are getting tired of it. Here are a few great vegan lunch…

My top soup recipes

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I love soup. Clear or thick, vegetable or with meat, hot or cold, sweet or sour, soup could be one of the best dish at the table. We serve the soup after appetizers. I made a list with my favorite soups. Lobster bisque – Bisque is a French soup very…

The Physical Damage of Toxic Shame

Most of us are familiar with the “feeling” of being ashamed or shamed, and sadly, some experience it at a very tender age. These types of memories can haunt the heart and mind for decades. To be without shame is worse than experiencing it, because to be shameless, or without conscious, harming others could easily be done… Read More

Detox Lentil Soup

A simple crock-pot soup packed full of healthy ingredients but please use only yellow onions to ensure an additional bonus of a “pre-fiber” called inulin. Inulin is essential for maintaining gut health. In nature, inulin is found in most root vegetables and is a non-caloric oligosaccharide carbohydrate found in a variety of other carbohydrates called fructans. Chicory root contains… Read More