"Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness" PODCAST INTERVIEW RECORDING

Natural healing for trauma, abuse & loss : [AUDIO] Interview with Dr Debbie Engelmann Click the link below to listen to the Podcast recording http://www.andreapennington.com/natural-healing-for-trauma-abuse-loss-audio-interview-with-dr-debbie-engelmann/   Prepare to be inspired and discover how YOU can use natural healing methods to heal yourself from past trauma and drama! This inspiring interview with Dr.Debbie Engelmann, a doctor… Read More

Dedicated to My Sisters

Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness My Contribution Chapter   My two sisters, Vicki and Sandy died months apart which turned my entire world upside down.  My chapter is about my journey through the darkest hours of my life and how I pulled myself out of the depression and devastation to not only find… Read More