“Time to Rise” Book Debut!

Each and every chapter in this book is a delicious must-read experience that helps not only fill the heart, but heal the soul as well. Read More

Introducing MakeItUltra™

Do you enjoy receiving unexpected gifts? Hope so because I’m giving one to you! Under the Websites tab a new link has been added for MakeItUltra™. This website is full of helpful posts on ways to keep sane in an insane world. There are self-help articles about depression, ways to find your heart, healing trauma… Read More

Create Your Personal Healing

YOU are invited to create your personal natural healing program that allows you to let go of the fear, chaos, and drama of everyday life. YOU are invited to experience how it feels to be authentically balanced on a physical, spiritual, mental, soul and emotional level. Gently learn how to lovingly embrace your “total-self” with all its past, present,… Read More

GIFEW 3.0 – The Constellation Awakens

The “Global Institute for Extraordinary Women” presents its most powerful transformative program to date. “GIFEW 3.0 – The Constellation Awakens” April 2016 – December 2016 This unique evolutionary process of powerful feminine leadership transformation is led by a team of renowned world-class transformation and leadership experts.  These forward-thinking mentors are educational guides who focus on… Read More

Class Introduces Natural Healing to Older Adults

Upcoming class introduces “Natural Healing” concepts to “Active Older Adults” in Chaska, MN 3/15/2016   AOA Natural Healing with a Twist This class begins to answer the question, “What is Natural Healing?” Explore the healing philosophy based on the age-old principal, “the body holds within itself the power to heal-naturally.” Learn about the Big 5:… Read More

The Mission of A Well-Tuned Soul

A Well-Tuned Soul does not operate under the watchful eye of one individual – it was created as a collaborative effort and includes diverse individuals, businesses, organizations, and cultures whose common focus is to educate and assist people in experiencing personal empowerment to find the posture of “Dynamic Balance”.  All healing techniques used can be applied… Read More

Linked to Expand Conscious Healing

Created By Nature Wellness, LLC blending into its new home “A Well-Tuned Soul” On December 9, 2015  “Created By Nature Wellness” completed the move to its new home here at “A Well-Tuned Soul”.  The purpose of combining the two sites together was two-fold.  Primarily, merging the sites allowed the healing concepts and practices to expand beyond the original… Read More

Merging Into Balance

The natural healing process is a beautiful dance of multi-dimensional processes designed to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into harmonious balance. In the healing process, no one part is less or more important than another.  That being said, you cannot pick just one or two parts of “self” to work on –… Read More