“A Well-Tuned Soul” was created to heighten society’s awareness of the innate power contained within natural healing. The carefully designed consultation and educational platforms offered here assists the body, mind, emotions and spirit to heal naturally. These natural remedies come in various forms such as wild-crafted herbs, flower essences, educational strategies and most importantly, learning the art of self-compassion. Clients are gently guided along each step of their healing journey as they ultimately discover their best possible level of health and spiritual balance.

Debbie’s deep compassion, birthed from the depths of her heart and coupled with her natural intuitive abilities is the foundation “A Well-Tuned Soul” was built on. It has become her personal memorial to all who suffer from feeling lost, alone, forgotten, hopeless and invisible.

As a visionary change-maker for humanity, she educates through her life wisdom, compassion and authentic natural healing abilities. She holds Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), a Bachelor’s of Science with a minor in psychology, and is an advanced Herbal Practitioner.

Debbie also holds Certifications as a Hospice Volunteer and is a trained Rape Crisis Intervention Advocate.

Love, acceptance, and non-judgement are crucial components in her style of healing.

Book and Me Banner“I was chosen to be a contributing author in “Heart to Heart – The Path to Wellness”, published by Alaska Publishing, with the likes of Dr. Andrea Pennington as well as Bob Doyle and Dr. John Demartini from “The Secret”.  These amazing short stories include incredible healing stories that stir the heart and soul to fill your heart with all the hope and courage needed to heal yourself.”

She is currently in the process of writing her own book, entitled “My Radiant Hell – Healing Tidbits from a Damaged Soul”, about her own life story and how she moved through recovery while choosing to never lose her childish wonder and innocence despite her abusive history.

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She is a guest writer on the The Evolutionary Mind website where she shares her out-of-the-box thoughts and muses about healing, humanity, and the horror judgement creates.

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Debbie is a GIFEW Graduate of the Constellation Mentoring 9-month program presented by “GIFEW” in 2015. This Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is repeated each year.  Their purpose is to assist in transforming humanity through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women.

In Debbie’s Own Words:


“I am very connected to earth and happiest when in nature. As I walk this earth, I continually feel its pulse and hear the whispers of all the secret healing things that grow upon and within it. My unique contribution to this world is a healing practice that includes the natural healing gifts Mother Nature has graced us with since the beginning of time.

What is on this earth becomes us.

My simple truth is we are all equal and judgement kills compassion. My life’s purpose is to reach out as far as possible to empower the masses with the ability to be fully present in this world one moment at a time – one person at a time.”

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