May 17th Wake Up Wednesdays Post

Physical healing :  Do I really want to heal?

question-mark-1105892_1280What plays a critical role in how we heal is whether or not we truly want to heal. Each of us creates a state of health in the exact form we subconsciously made up our mind to be worthy of and experience. Yep, the mind heals or harms.

The true power behind healing is equal to the authentic level of desire to heal. Each of us is totally unique; one of a kind with our own personal set of stories and beliefs. When a client comes in saying they are ready to give 100% effort toward healing, and they truly believe it, they heal 100%. Another client may believe they can only heal 70% and they will heal to the 70% level. At some point, when they are ready to authentically heal the remaining 30%, they will do exactly that.

The KEY is this. When anyone starts a healing program, if they know they can heal and are willing to do the work, they will heal – if they want the healing facilitator to be responsible for the healing, it cannot happen. The practitioner is simply a guide along their healing path.

Another component in balanced healing is the use of wild-crafted, unadulterated herbs. Herbs can be taken/used in recipes as part of any meal. They can also be processed into powders, tinctures and teas and taken in capsules and/or liquid drop therapy. When herbs are coupled with lifestyle changes, they work primarily on the physical body as they remind the body how to function in a more balanced manner. cropped-13109713_l.jpgOften, flower essences, a companion healing remedy which focuses solely on releasing emotional issues residing within the subconscious mind (it has a body memory) are used together with herbs. Most consultation practices match the “herbs and/or flower essences” healing ability directly to the physical and emotional “symptoms” individuals are experiencing to help promote emotional release and balance.

Other practitioners, like myself, have learned a specialized pulse testing technique that matches the herb/flower essences to what the client’s BODY NEEDS, rather than simply focusing on what the herb has the ability to heal. The body infinitely knows much more than we humans could ever “logically think and know”. Through time, it has become obvious to me that this technique helps clients heal quicker and easier when the remedies are matched to the pulse.

Finding Personal Freedom:  Are You Ready to See You Truth?



Robert Bolton said, “A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind. If you want to experience personal freedom, you must break free and end the war between your mind and your self. In essence, you must take control of your thinking.”

deceive-1299043The first step in this three-part process of finding your personal freedom is to keep a journal either in a small book or by using the recorder on your cell-phone. What I’ve discovered through personal experience is a hand-held recorder seems to be much easier than finding my cell-phone, pen or paper. I do “transcribe” the recording on my computer for reference.

Whichever mode of recording fits you best, you need to have it with you at all times. Step One is the foundation you will build “your personal freedom” upon. This may sound easy but it isn’t. For at least 30 minutes a day (one hour is better), simply record your mind’s meaningless chatter. Verbatim. Do not judge anything you record – simply record it. The goal is to do this for one week (the real practice is ONE MONTH).

Feel free to re-read or listen to what you record. DO NOT ALLOW JUDGEMENT to enter your thoughts. What your mind said simply IS. Your thoughts are “mindless” most of the time anyway. This practice is simply allowing you to get a conscious understanding of what your “mindless chatter” is doing in all that gray matter.

Next Wednesday:

Starting a second journal for “Step Two of Finding Your Personal Freedom”

* This is a variation of an exercise introduced in “The Toltec Way”, written by Dr. Susan Gregg.”

“All sharing on this website are solely based upon
the author’s observations, experiences and education.”

Author: Dr. Deb

Things frequently roll around in my head regarding the strange naturally occurring dichotomies of life. If you look closely, strange situations and occurrences have two parts and most of the time those two parts are mutually exclusive of each other and/or completely contradictory. Both create interesting "back fence talk" no matter what I do.

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