Welcome to this weeks post! All posts going forward will include two types of healing information. We will continue to ponder how we see ourselves in the world and why. Additionally, the posts will now contain a physical type of healing. You are welcome to use your “left brain” on the physical information, but not the societal concept – that you still need to read from your heart. *

Physical health is a predominate factor in staying alive. We must breathe, take in nourishment, and drink fluids. Ah! Fluids! Drinking a bit of coffee or soda each day is okay but drinking them all day may not be a good choice. The body cannot exist without water. Your brain uses 60% of your water intake. Do you find out of the blue you suddenly get a stuffy nose? Your nose runs like crazy – even down your throat? The brain just sent a signal to make that happen because it needed water – you were dehydrated.

You need one-half your body weight in WATER each and every day – more if you exercise and/or heavily perspire. This is the minimum amount the body needs to function in a healthy way. Do the math. There is a good chance you are not getting nearly enough water. Essentially, dehydration slows down our entire thinking processes, stirs up nasty emotions, and definitely pulls us into the dark clouds of depression, anxiety and much more. Dehydration can be deadly. For more facts about dehydration, visit this post.

How you view yourself in the world is somewhat based on our societies concept of domination. We seem to always be in opposition to something. Domination requires that someone is better than you or inferior to you. That events or actions are right or wrong and people are richer or poorer. It is almost impossible to feel safe or to relax when the world is your opponent. This creates a very limited concept of reality and extreme stress.

With domination, we try to control events in our lives, other people and ourselves. We live out of fear because the best results we expect from our decisions will be based on fear. That creates more fear. This type of thinking is very narrow, polarized and exhausting.

You can choose to shift from domination to dominion. In dominion, everyone is part of a greater whole; everyone is an equal, integral part of the circle of life. We no longer reside in an either/or world. Dominion is based on love; an unconditional love of self and all other beings great and small. Within this concept of “dominion”, the people in our lives become our assistants instead of opponents. The idea of competition no longer makes sense nor does it have any value.

This is a totally different way of viewing the world within and around you. Viewed from this perspective, life becomes limitless. We aren’t trained to think in terms of dominion, so this concept may be a bit frightening. How do you live in a world based on domination and get your needs met if you remain in dominion? People may walk all over you and some probably will. I believe we receive what we give. When we are loving and non-judgemental, we will be treated in loving, non-judgemental ways. When we choose to live in dominion, the entire process of our personal transformation takes on gentleness and safety.

Is this change in thinking easy?  NO.  Is it worth it? YES.

Hopefully all the folks reading this post did a bit of pondering about their mental filtering systems. If you’d like, please comment and share your insight about how that went. This is a critical part of how each of us heal – in companionship with others. Also, please ask questions and share about today’s post!  As the author of these posts – I’d love to know if these are helpful, educational, and if there is some way they can be improved.

In healing and compassion – Debbie.

* All sharings on this website and posts are solely based my observations, experiences and education.

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