Contemplating Chamomile

In 1598 William Shakespeare wrote,

“Camomile, the more it is trodden on, the faster it grows”
(Chamomile was spelled that way back then)

Chamomile, a herb full of healing properties, is most commonly used as a tea to help cure indigestion, calm the nerves, and when taken with raw honey, soothe sore throats. The focus at this writing is not about the healing properties of chamomile – the focus is an illustration of balancing action and the practice of contemplation.

The growing of chamomile is a series of mindless chores; the routine tasks of gardening tend to release us from the somewhat staccato pace of the world around us. It returns us to a more natural rhythm of simple actions such as watering, weeding and picking leaf matter out of the flowers when they become covered. Any simple task of garden maintenance is actually a “ritual of order”. Time in the garden forces life to slow down and bring us back in touch with ourselves.

When we become to busy, simple rituals often fall by the wayside. We go out of balance and begin juggling too many roles and responsibilities. Subsequently, we start to forget things because our mind is way to distracted to be fully present with ourselves or any one else. At this point, we need to restore balance, return to self and live in the present moment rather than the never-ending to-do list.

So, right now, brew a calming cup of chamomile tea. Allow 1 tablespoon of dried chamomile to step in mug of hot water for 5 minutes – keep it covered so the steam stays in. Strain it and sweeten it with honey if you’d like. Then savor each sip in a leisurely fashion and contemplate – NOTHING.

Author: Dr. Deb

Things frequently roll around in my head regarding the strange naturally occurring dichotomies of life. If you look closely, strange situations and occurrences have two parts and most of the time those two parts are mutually exclusive of each other and/or completely contradictory. Both create interesting "back fence talk" no matter what I do.

2 thoughts on “Contemplating Chamomile

    1. Glad you like that phrase! I use it in my meditations – somehow it makes relaxing “non-negotiable” if you know what I mean.

      Chamomile, well, between the flower essences and the herb, it is a life saver. 🙂

      Thanks for the like and comment!


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