Do you consider yourself to be teachable? Are you honest with yourself about what you don’t understand? To achieve true health and a balanced life, developing the ability to tell the absolute truth to ourselves about where we are each moment is imperative. To heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, becoming an “empty cup” is critical. Here’s a story to illustrate the point.

The story goes that once upon a time, a business person seeking enlightenment went to a Zen master. While waiting for the master to enter the room, the individual became very impatient and began tapping their foot and constantly looking at their watch. When the master walked in and offered a cup of tea, the individual took the cup and looked at the old man very critically and said, “I want wisdom, not tea”. The master smiled and started to pour tea, and he poured and poured, and he poured some more. The cup overflowed spilling the tea all over the person who jumped up very angrily and said “What’s the matter with you old man? The master then smiled and said;

“It is impossible to fill a cup that is already full.
Your mind is already full.
Only an empty mind can be taught.”

To be aware and live in truth, we must each take a hard look at our assumptions because they become our greatest obstacles. As long as we hold onto an assumption, we are not teachable. In order to change, we must empty our cup. In order to see the world truthfully, we must be willing to see the world differently.

“Wake Up Wednesdays” will begin May 3rd. Each Wednesday I’ll post simple ways to learn how to see the real world through your heart rather than the mental filtering system we seem to live in every moment. Please participate by commenting, asking questions and offering insight as often as you’d like. This is a critical part of how each of us heal – in companionship with others.

Oops, you have an assignment already!  To lay the groundwork for May 3rd, take some time to ponder and share your thoughts about the possibility that your filtering system may be interfering with your personal growth and evolution. Here’s what that means.

Mental filtering system always distort everyone’s perception of reality. There really is no “out there”. What we think of as “out there” is pretty much a huge mirror reflecting your filtering system right back to you. It is an energy system fueled by action and reaction. You have a thought or a belief and you seemingly interact with someone or something and then react to their reaction. It’s a play being played out within the mind – a drama of life – those things we hash and re-hash about every event.  The truth is there is no one else out there; it is all a projection.

To achieve personal freedom we must fully accept that “out there” is merely a reflection of what is going on inside – our very own personal projection. Accepting the fact that there is no “out there” and taking full responsibility for our pain and limitations is a very COURAGEOUS ACT. That bravery will be richly rewarded with an empty cup to begin learning how to live with clarity and truth. Give it a try – without self-judgement.

See you Wednesday, May 3rd – in healing and compassion – Debbie

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