Another fantastic creation by Sam packed full of natural healing goodies!

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Try making this authentically spiced  Asian-style chicken stock in your own kitchen. It will make a great base for any of your favourite noodle, dumpling or wonton soups.
Besides being very yummy, this stock has many nourishing  and warming properties.

The amazing qualities of ginger will aid digestion and will give a boost to the immune system, something we all need in the cold winter months.
In combination with ginger, there are other spices that make this stock an ultimate cold and flu fighter.
I believe in using every natural remedy I can get my hands on to combat the seasonal colds and flues before I turn to medication, and most of the time I never get to have to use any man-made medication.

So, my call is – let’s stay healthy this winter by nourishing our bodies and souls with natural, delicious homemade food!


Use this wonderful stock as…

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