There was a time when humanity recognized itself as being part of nature and nature being part of humanity. Back then, dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and the supernatural merged and blended. For example, some cultures used images of nature to express this natural transpersonal unity between nature and man through the use of petroglyphs. neanderthals-96507_1280Shamans, priests, chiefs, and priestesses were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of life and as such these individuals were tied to the rhythm and force of nature. They were capable of walking the threads that link the invisible and visible worlds in an effort to help people remember all that is on and within this earth is divine.

Fast forward to current time. It seems we have lost the understanding that all things are connected and each connection has great significance. Within the physics of life, we cannot separate the physical from the spiritual nor the visible from the invisible. When we begin to “remember”, through conscious natural healing and enlightenment how our spiritual self manifests within every nano-second of our daily life, we begin to realize the intricate paradox of how our “inner-world” gets so out of whack with the “outer-world”.  Maybe its a bit of an unanswerable question – should we heal the spirit first or the body?

Here’s my answer to this. Natural healing works to reconnect conscious human life with nature and spirit – the physical and the spiritual. You and I cannot be separated from the natural world therefore we each have a responsibility to know as much about the inside and outside environment about being us. We need to feel our insides and outsides. The more you learn about yourself, without judgement, the easier it will be to expand enough to experience all the joys and learnings you came into this life to experience.

That means, dear readers, we must gently heal both the spirit and the body at the same time.  Focusing heavily on only one aspect throws us both out of balance.

Everyone is your teacher as well as your student

28437316 - teamwork , human resorces

That’s how children live life. They constantly exists in a natural state of learning and teaching that does not contain judgement or criticism of what they are experiencing.

That is the lost understanding

Do you want to experience life with a healthy sense of childish wonder?

Stop the judgement and criticism and truly accept and honor yourself and all others.  

Then you and this universe can heal.


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