‘Tis the Season of Veggies! A great recipe from Sams Kitchen for Eggplant Salsa. Yes readers, eggplant can be tasty – Sam proves that theory!

Sam's Kitchen

I’m back! After a full month off from blogging and other social media activities, I’m making a comeback with another eggplant recipe.

It was a very busy month of reorganising my kitchen, entertaining school holidaying kids, I’ve got two!, a dog ( we’ve got a new addition to our family, a Labradoodle puppy who is 5-month-old and his name is Marley ) and I finally got to fully unpack the suitcases from our return from Malaysia last September! Yes, that is how long it took me to get my hands on them, but it’s all done now and I can breathe freely and get back to my food cooking and blogging without that nagging feeling of having an unfinished job waiting for me.

The weather has cooled down here in Margaret River and it’s time to light our wood fire heater, the only reason I tolerate this cold weather is…

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