“Global Institute for Extraordinary Women”
presents its most powerful transformative program to date.

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“GIFEW 3.0 – The Constellation Awakens”
April 2016 – December 2016

This unique evolutionary process of powerful feminine leadership transformation is led by a team of renowned world-class transformation and leadership experts.  These forward-thinking mentors are educational guides who focus on expanding the growing global collaborative constellation of feminine leaders and change-makers.

The nine-month program immerses participants in an amazing adventure of self-discovery that digs deep into opening the heart and mind to discover and identify personal core values, passions, and purpose while consistently learning the art and discipline of authentic transformative collaboration.  

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Are you ready to step beyond your wildest dreams and become a part of the Constellation of Extraordinary Women?

Are you ready to become a pioneer of a new transformative paradigm
that embraces the collaborative power of women leaders and change-makers and impact the world?

I, Debbie Engelmann, am a graduate of this life-changing program.

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The GIFEW Constellation Mentoring Program is revolutionary in the way they teach powerful elements and qualities women change makers need to master to live their passion.  It is by far the most inspiring and powerful program in the GIFEW educational lineup.

You will be empowered, supported and challenged as a leader and as a woman.

You will accelerate and deepen your identity, collaboration & synergy and impact.

Are you ready?

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