Featured Image -- 1771Dairy-Free potato salad! Fabulous.

Sam's Kitchen

When hearing potato salad we instantly imagine the creamy version of the salad – potatoes smothered with sour cream or mayonnaise or the combination of both, with hard boiled eggs and gherkins all sprinkled with fresh dill and lots of freshly ground pepper. Yum!

This is a lighter version of the potato salad, it goes well with grilled or barbequed lamb chops, cutlets and etc; we just love having it with our BBQ. It’s a simple salad, but the dressing carries a lot of punch in it that comes from a combination of lemon zest and juice, wholegrain mustard and white wine vinegar.

I’m going to share a quick, simple version of this salad, the one I usually make when I’m short on time or feeling a bit lazy in the kitchen and want to throw together something quick.
Add bits of crispy bacon to it, gherkin or few capers for…

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