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Lahmajun or Lovemajun as my 5-year-old likes to call it, is a Turkish style pizza, though in my opinion it’s nothing like pizza, but is just as irresistible, is a staple in our house.

Traditional Lahmajun is made out of thinly rolled out dough with meat and vegetable ( mainly tomato and capsicum salsa ) mixture spread over the top in a thin layer and cooked in a wood fire oven, then served topped with salad, squeeze of lemon juice and rolled into a roll. It’s extremely delicious and very hard to stop on just one. I virtually stuff my face when it comes to Lahmajun!

Here I’m sharing a cheats way of making Lahmajun where I came up with an idea of using a ready made flat breads and avoiding the time consuming dough rolling method.

My recipe is very simple and tasty. Hope you will enjoy it.


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