Your Nestle Spot

Guest Author, Lisa D. Wendt

Pets are notorious for claiming many spots in the house: the end of the bed, top of the sofa, the laundry basket (of clean clothes of course), or anywhere that’s completely in the way like the rug next to the front door. This may not be where we want them to sprawl out or sleep, but because we love them (and they are so darn cute), we let them.

But when it comes to you, do you have your own spot? Not where you sleep, but where it’s just about you? One spot in your home that is just yours, it could be a room, a chair, a closet, or just one end of the sofa like Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory”, but it’s a spot that you inhabit that makes you feel safe. If you don’t have a spot, 2016 just might be the year to create one.

The significance of creating a sacred “my spot” begins with getting back to your core, a place of grounding. Yes, you could do this outside at a beautiful park, a yoga studio, or library, but your home, whether it’s a tiny studio apartment or McMansion, is where we can nestle in our roots, even if it’s only for six months, it’s still a place to come back to at the end of the day, drop the load we carried 35558782_sthrough the day, and sink into shelter.

When creating your spot, start small and use what you like whether it’s colorful pillows on the floor in a corner, a cozy chair, a lawn chair on the lanai (oops, that’s my fantasy spot in Hawaii). Starting small makes it attainable. Sit in the space, close your eyes, breathe deep, f-e-e-l what it wants: does it want a notebook to journal, a travel magazine to dream about trips, headphones to listen to music, scented candles or a bottle of perfume, a favorite blanket, a vision board . . . it’s all a matter of what relaxes you, but the goal is to make it inviting, not cluttered. How often you sit in the space depends on how often you need grounding, which could be once a week or a couple of times a day.

So before you start with the excuses “I have too much clutter, it would take a week to carve out a space” or “there’s so much going on in my house, I could never have five minutes alone”. . . I invite Android 7_21_15 1155you to try. Try to be the cat that looks at a spot and simply thinks “that spot looks inviting, what a great place to take a nap”. Their intuition gives them permission to nestle in or sprawl out. They pick a spot and make it theirs, they don’t seem to care if you like it or not, they claim it with or without your permission.

If you enjoy creating one spot, consider developing more “my spots” in your home (just like our pets). No, I don’t mean you need a dozen spots for grounding, but spots that you maintain, nurture, or sustain like plants on the windowsill, a drawer in the bathroom, the spice rack, a shelf in the kitchen, or the nightstand in your bedroom. Maintaining an entire home can be overwhelming, but little spots, almost like secret spots, are much more doable.

So what does creating a “my spot” have to do with organizing? THIS is how we start to get a handle on clutter.

First we manage the clutter in our minds,
THEN we slowly start to manage the clutter around us, one spot at a time.


Lisa D. Wendt
Lisa Wendt
Eco-Conscious Organizing & Transition Planning
(For Work, Home, & Personal Growth)

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