Mission of AWTS

A Well-Tuned Soul does not operate under the watchful eye of one individual – it was created as a collaborative effort and includes diverse individuals, businesses, organizations, and cultures whose common focus is to educate and assist people in experiencing personal empowerment to find the posture of “Dynamic Balance”.  All healing techniques used can be applied to top-level corporate CEO’s as effectively as an individual who finds they are in personal crisis.

With honesty, integrity, and compassion, A Well-Tuned Soul’s primary purpose is to assist in the development and nurturing of humankind as they begin to discover their personal dynamic balance through conscious healing.

As facilitators of change, we endeavor to create and hold a safe comfortable space for all empowerment and natural healing possibilities to surface, be examined, and tried on over-and-over until the best fit is found by the heart.  We commit to helping people learn how they personally relate to change, and assist them in the process of honestly releasing all outdated damaging  beliefs, stories and suffering to experience their personal style of a passionate life.

We extend non-judgement, love and respect to all individuals, and honor all personal beliefs and boundaries.


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