In honor of the full moon, the lunar eclipse, the mysteries of life,
all people’s, and all else that exists.

Sacred libraries etched in stone,

Please help me find my way;

Symbols of all the Earth has known,
Marks the language you display.

Can I read your alphabet,
And will I understand,

The silent message you send me,
While resting in my hands?

Will I grasp the meanings,
Of the steps I must take,

To walk with you in beauty,
As my spirit comes awake?

And is the warmth you send,
An understanding alive in me,

Reflected by Earth Mother,
And the Sacred Mystery?

Will you open the Remembering,
I feel sleeping inside of me?

Do you know my deepest longing,
To be all that I can be?

Silent messenger of the Earth,
My teacher made of stone,

I honor your seeds of wisdom,
And the knowing you have sown.

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