Created By Nature Wellness, LLC
blending into its new home
“A Well-Tuned Soul”

On December 9, 2015  “Created By Nature Wellness” completed the move to its new home here at “A Well-Tuned Soul”.  The purpose of combining the two sites together was two-fold.  Primarily, merging the sites allowed the healing concepts and practices to expand beyond the original scope of my vision.  Additionally, this merger gives you, the reader, the ease of following just one site that contains all the natural healing articles, program offerings, consultation details, retreat details, and educational posts from some of the most amazing top leaders and change makers of our time.

As separate entities, “Created By Nature Wellness” offered extensive natural healing consultations, information and programs to assist individuals while “A Well-Tuned Soul” is designed to offer healing programs for individuals on one-on-one consultations or singular or group retreat settings.  By blending the two purposes into one, the “individual” has become part of a “community of collaboration” that focuses on consciously healing all parts of “self”.

A healthier self creates a healthier world.

 Nothing of Created By Nature Wellness has been lost – it has simply been enhanced to better serve the healing of humanity within the natural rhythm of nature.

28833931_mlAll that on ONE website to LIGHTEN your Social Media Burden

Blessing to All

(December 9th, Created By Nature Wellness is automatically
being re-directed to “A Well-Tuned Soul”)

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