The items I really support in this recipe is the instructions on how to naturally sun-dry tomatoes! Great job Mio’s. Great ingredients. If someone makes this, please give feedback!

Mio's hot food


     During this summer I decided to make sundried tomatoes and there are many reasons for that. The main reason is obviously enormus price , and what you get a jar ful of tomatoes (who are very cheap in the summer) loaded with cheap sunflower oil. When I’m saying this I mean on very good producers like Ponti and they still can’t put the olive oil instead of sunflower oil , so I decided to do it on my own and the results were stuning.
     Of course that you can dry them in the oven , but I decide to go something more traditionaly. From the equipment you will need long string and pincers to hold the tomatoes , but if you have some other idea to hold the tomatoes feel free to do it , I found this way the easiest one. The most important part…

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