The natural healing process is a beautiful dance of multi-dimensional processes designed to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into harmonious balance. In the healing process, no one part is less or more important than another.  That being said, you cannot pick just one or two parts of “self” to work on – all five parts of “self” are integral parts of the healing process.  It is a symbiotic relationship.


While keeping a strong vision of the elements of balanced healing in mind, it becomes obvious that blending Created By Nature Wellness into A Well-Tune Soul will actually mirror the elements of the natural healing process – on one website. Currently, all information and articles on physical healing are being brought into A Well-Tuned Soul  and the process will be complete by December 31st.

cropped-new-water-drop.jpgTo illustrate, in the picture above, if you separate the drop of water from the flower pedal, you would see a drop of clear water. When the drop of water sits upon the vivid orange petal, you notice the water droplet reflects the orange hue from the petal beneath it. Together they have become a picture of life in harmony.  The water droplet reflects the beauty of the plant and the plant reflects its beautiful color into the water droplet. They have become one in their collaboration.

Created By Nature Wellness is becoming one
with A Well-Tuned Soul

All on ONE website
To LIGHTEN your Social Media Burden

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