Clean, healthy Omega 3’s from Salmon. Yum.

Sam's Kitchen

Looking for something easy to cook for dinner? Then, have a look at this recipe.

Salmon baked in an oven and served with steamed vegetables and tomato vinaigrette make it a simply enjoyable, nutritious and overall a very healthy meal.

I’m using lemon and lime in this recipe, but using just lemon would be perfectly fine. I suggest removing the rind and the pith from the lemon as I find that the pith can have a slightly bitter taste after it’s been cooked.

Herbs, yes, to herbs! They add a plentiful of flavour to any dish. There are virtually no, or very few savoury meals that I wouldn’t add herbs to.

You can experiment with this recipe endlessly by using herbs and vegetables of your own preference.

Serves 2

Preparation time 30 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes


For the fish


2 pieces salmon
1/2 lemon plus additional 2 slices of lemon

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