Hydration is a monumentally hot topic. Generally speaking, humankind is slowly committing suicide by not understanding how important water is to every single function of our human existence. And it begins with one simple belief that is programmed deep within our brain neural pathways that is totally wrong and we need to re-wire our brain to save ourselves from unnecessary disease and an early death.


The dry mouth sensation is one of the

indicators of dehydration of the body.  

Let’s focus on that thought.

Sensing a dry mouth is not the only sign to reply on. The body uses a totally different method of sensing and communicating hydration needs even while suffering from deep dehydration – without ever having a dry mouth. To chew and swallow food, lubrication is needed and ample saliva must be produced, even if the rest of the body is short on water. By the time a dry mouth is sensed, many functions, some very delicate and extremely important ones, have already been shut down and prepared for deletion. There is a major kicker to dehydration at this level. That is exactly how the aging process is established; through the loss of hydration to carry out enzyme functions in the body.   

One of the most wicked and unavoidable processes in the body is its body-water rationing system. It is ruthless on monitoring water levels and no structure in our body receives more than its predetermined share of water. That predetermined level is based on functional importance and the brain takes absolute priority over all systems.

Dehydration equals brain fog!!!

Ever wonder why you occasionally get lots of phlegm in the sinus areas and mouth – out of the blue?  The brain sends a signal to produce that effect so it can scrounge every last drop of water out of the sinus, mouth and mucus membranes. Smart body!

Your brain takes 60%
of the water in your body.

Here is a bit of education on why adequate water is critical to being healthy – and staying alive. 

  1. Water is the bulking material used to fill all the empty spaces in the body.
  2. Water is the transport vehicle that circulates blood cells.
  3. Water is a solvent for the materials that dissolve in it, INCLUDING OXYGEN. A connection to that Brain Fog thing again.
  4. Water is the adhesive that binds solid parts together because it becomes sticky next to the cell membrane. It holds things together and forms a protective membrane around the cell.
  5. The neurotransmission systems of the brain and nerves depend on the rapid movement of SODIUM and POTASSIUM in and out of the membrane along the entire length of the nerves. Water that is loose and not bonded with something else is free to move across the cell membrane and turn on the so-called “element-moving pumps”, such as the movement of sodium and potassium, both of which are always delicately balanced to sustain human life.
  6. Some of the element-moving pumps are actually voltage generating pumps as well. So, how well our neurons transmit depends on how much free water is in the nerve tissue. Ok, so here’s another connection to why dehydration creates brain-fog. Too little available free water slows down our brain processes because the pumps cannot turn as fast as they should!
  7. Water is necessary for our body to create energy and maintain osmotic balance in the water. Sodium and potassium stick to protein to basically create “energy” (a form of ATP). Current evidence shows that osteoporosis may actually be caused by persistent dehydration. The body taps into our bone to get the required elements of making energy to sustain life. It pulls calcium out to create energy so we can live.
  8. When dehydration exists because a person is not drinking enough water, the cells become depleted of their energy. They then have to depend on foods eaten to generate energy rather than on free water to create energy. In this situation, the body is forced into storing fat, and only uses its protein and starch reserves to create energy because they are easier to break down than stored fat. There is strong evidence that a great deal of obesity could actually be caused by constant crisis levels of dehydration in the body.

This post has given a some-what complicated explanation of the physiological reasons water is so important in the body, but it is a necessary lesson. This issue is so critical to the quality of human life that it was important to get quite left-brained for a bit to ensure the reader understands how critical water is to health.

human life is sacred – stop killing yourself – drink water

Oh, by the way, how much should you drink to move toward balanced hydration?   One-half your body weight in ounces.  A 150 pound person will need 75 ounces OF WATER – per day.  Excluding caffeinated drinks because they dehydrate.

Are you getting your “Half-Weight” in Water???


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