Last year a client asked me an important question and that answer is worthy of being re-posted in more detail.

Question:  “When you made the statement yesterday about my health, as you put it, “how you normally don’t see people work on so many areas as I am.”  …. how does this happen?  The person, I was created to be has been locked away for so many years I don’t even know who will emerge when we are done.”

31047646_mMy answer:  YOU are creating your own health, in whatever form YOU need it to be.  The herbs and lifestyle changes are working on the physical body to remind it how to function correctly while the flower essences are releasing subconscious, usually emotion based issues.  I, or any healing practitioner, could apply the exact same technique using the exact same words to multiple individuals and the outcome will be different person-to-person.  The source of true power behind healing is held within the degree of authentic desire to heal (mental attitude). You came in with an agenda of “I’m doing this – it is time”.

Everyone, being a totally unique person, carries within them their own “stories” and beliefs about how much they think they can truly heal (that can be translated to “I’m only worthy of healing this amount”).  When someone, you for example, comes in saying  “I’m giving 100% to healing”, it happened because you did the work and believed you could. Another person may believe they are only 70% “healable” so they will only heal to that level of 70% improvement. When they find and own their remaining 30% of belief and desire to heal, authentically, they will do exactly what you are doing.

The KEY is when anyone steps into a healing program, if they know they can heal and are willing to do the work, they will heal – if they want the healing facilitator to be responsible for their healing, it cannot happen.

True healing is created by the person healing; YOU – I just happen to be the guide.


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