Debbie Engelmann is a Guide of Empowered Natural Healing, Seeker of Truth, Published Author, Owner of a Couple Doctorates and a Natural Healing Business that is morphing into a new entity entitled “A Well Tuned Soul” that is authentically aligned with her natural healing abilities.  (Click Picture for Website)Soul - Pic

Debbie’s passion is to continue to focus on guiding others as a Transformational Interface for Empowered Healing as they begin their personal journey toward finding their true core self.  She is a visionary change-maker for humanity and educates through her wisdom and compassion.  Debbie is an Advocate for the Lost and Forgotten in all forms.   Proudly, she never lost her childish wonder and innocence in spite of her violent abusive childhood.

Debbie Engelmann’s personal foundation of spirituality, insight and healing gifts continue to be nourished by her love of nature and all things natural. She holds Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), a Bachelor’s of Science with a minor in Psychology and trained as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Herbal Practitioner.  Debbie leads personal empowerment retreats focusing on the use of gentle self-discovery techniques that enable individuals to honestly and lovingly open up to their true identity and manifest themselves into the vital authentic person they have always been.

31054986_ml“I am very connected to earth and am happiest when out in nature.  As I walk this earth, I feel its pulse and hear the whispers of secret healing things that grow upon and within it.  My unique contribution to this world is that my healing message involves the simple healing gifts from Mother Nature that have been on this planet since the beginning of time.  What is on this earth becomes us – it is us.  This is a core knowing within my soul.  

My ability to teach, counsel, guide, and share healing information is from a place of pureness that carries within it a powerful energy that cannot be defined with words. That wordless “healing” platform of energy is shared with every person I encounter.  I inspire others from my heart with full commitment and compassion is my unique contribution to the universe.   My simple truth is we are all equal and judgement kills compassion.   My life’s purpose is to reach out as far as possible to empower the masses with the ability to be fully present in this world.   One person at a time.”

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