While working on my book upcoming book, am noticing I sometimes get emotionally pulled down by some of my echoes.  That crazy human tendency we have to continually attach to a memory. And rework the memory. Multiple times. However, in my opinion, staying authentic to an echo is crucial to presenting an authentic story so I am learning to avoid the reworks.

When I go into the emotion of an echo, I think of someone I follow on Word Press, Dennis Cardiff.  This is the man who wrote the amazing book “Telling The Stories of Those Too Often Ignored:  Conversations with Street People”.   When I read those “conversations”, they hit my heart like a sledge-hammer.  I roll with that for a bit, and then I think about how that conversation affected Dennis.  What are his echoes like?  Wow.

HE is my inspiration. HE helps me pull away from my echo memories. When writing, I guess we all bleed as we birth a book don’t we.

My thanks to you Dennis.

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