Healing A Wounded Soul

16508059_sEach of us are living miracles as our human form moves between hundreds of multi-dimensional processes to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into balance while continuously maintaining a collaborative relationship between the body and the universe that surrounds it. No easy task to say the least.

“Stepping Into Self” is a redesigned healing program debuting February 2018. This program helps individuals gently heal with natural practices designed to calm the mind, body and soul while quieting the chattering stories doing the mental-tango all hours of the day and night. Personal stories are frightening and treacherous to navigate, especially for people whose life experiences reconditioned them into “wounded warriors”. These folks may be military, victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or live with extreme depression, fear and feeling emotionless.

“Stepping in Self” offers hope by honoring the soul, mind, and body with authentic heartfelt healing support techniques designed specifically for “wounded warriors”. As a team we work through the bewilderment of “where to start” and focus on support as you move along your path of blossoming into the amazing person you always were deep in your soul.


The gifts of Nature along with compassion and loving support are the only healing tools  used to open the door to “Stepping Into Self”.

Dr. Deb

(These programs do not offer psychological analysis or medical advise.)