The human form continually moves between hundreds of multi-dimensional processes to bring the mind, body, spirit, soul and emotions into balance while maintaining a collaborative relationship between the body and the universe that surrounds it.  No easy task.  All programs at “A Well-Tuned Soul” are designed to educate, support and empower individuals to begin experiencing life at its fullest potential, naturally.

All conscious healing programs offered are equally powerful whether you choose to participate in an in-person or virtual individual consultation, various “retreat/relax/reset” programs or simply join an educational webinar.  When choosing to begin walking down the path of personal natural healing, the only footing to begin on is from exactly where you currently stand

Healing requires the death and healing of the old to be able to move out of the darkness and create the experience of a new healthier world within and around you. Balance cannot be found in the past or future – we only heal by stepping forward while continually focusing on keeping the “whole self” mentally present. This “state of presence” unlocks the doors to balanced living.

YOU are invited to create a personal natural healing program that allows
you to let go of the fear, chaos, and drama of everyday life.

To begin experiencing your authentic balanced self with confidence.

To lovingly embrace the stories of the past and let them go.

~~~ It is time to awaken a new truth within you ~~~

Natural Healing Programs

Tune Your Soul & Shine Your Light”
Discover your personal conscious natural healing adventure.
Get wild, have fun, and heal.